The reason behind undertaking account profiling by a business or its sales team is to understand and gather information related to a specific set of accounts so as to design a strategy or an access plan. This gives you deep insight into your customer’s needs, preferences, purchase behaviour and limitations.

We provide you with relevant information on the structure of business, key decision makers, decision making process, current vendors, and future plans of your prospect to help you determine the business potential within an account. It basically involves combination of phone calls and online research, verifying contacts.

We have a good team of marketing specialists who asks correct things to gather a lot of information from the prospect and even the consumer.


  • Identify, get contact information on key decision makers
  • Gain detailed info about your target accounts in real time
  • Reduce the sales turnaround time

Our marketing research team provides the following informations about the target prospects

  • Business profile
  • Company history
  • Contact information of top executives and decision makers
  • Challenges
  • Achievements
  • Business segments
  • Digital/ social profile

Account profiling is basically a trick to ascertain excellent client relationship.