Lead generation is the process of finding people who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Finding people implies finding information about people, like their name, email ID or organization’s name, all of which you can use to initiate a business relationship with them. You can generate leads organically and/or by spending money, depending on your resources.

Why lead generation?

Lead generation falls within the second stage of the marketing methodology. Businesses today are heavily depended on Lead Generation as it enables the websites to generate more traffic which may lead to the further conversion of such found Leads into Customers. This basically helps in increasing the conversion rate where the business gains a huge profit. This is why lead generation is a process that needs a very well and detailed plan and that plan will help you to get a steady income of qualified leads.


  • It helps in generate awareness about the product of the client
  • It helps in increase sales and profit ratio
  • Helps in collecting information about prospects
  • It is very cost effective