How Do I Change The Active Area In Excel?

How do I remove a grayed out area in Excel?

You must unprotect the workbook, worksheet or cell to unlock the unavailable menus.

Click the “Home” menu, then choose “Format” in the “Cells” tab.

Select “Unprotect Sheet” from “Protection” section of the drop-down menu to unlock the worksheet..

How do I remove infinite columns in Excel 2016?

Follow these steps:Highlight the first blank row below your data (i.e. the first row you want to delete)Hit ctrl + shift + down arrow to highlight all of the rows below.Right click the row labels (where each row’s number is shown) on the left side and select “delete” in order to delete all of these rows.More items…

How do I get rid of all the extra columns in Excel?

To delete unwanted rows and columns in your spreadsheet, just simply highlight the row or column by clicking the marker on top of the column or to the left of the row, just right-click it and then click delete. Hope this helps you.

What are the shortcut keys in Excel?

General Program ShortcutsCtrl+N: Create a new workbook.Ctrl+O: Open an existing workbook.Ctrl+S: Save a workbook.F12: Open the Save As dialog box.Ctrl+W: Close a workbook.Ctrl+F4: Close Excel.F4: Repeat the last command or action. … Shift+F11: Insert a new worksheet.More items…•Aug 10, 2018

How do I adjust the print area in Excel?

Set one or more print areasOn the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. Tip: To set multiple print areas, hold down the Ctrl key and click the areas you want to print. … On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.

How do I GREY out unused cells in Excel 2010?

#2 press Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow keys on your keyboard, and you can select all rows but working rows. #3 go to HOME tab, click Format command under cells group. And select Hide & Unhide menu from the drop down menu list, and then select Hide Rows. #4 All selected rows except working area are hidden.

How do I reset a range in Excel?

Move your cursor up one cell and then press the Delete key to clear cell TX5000. Press Ctrl-Home to move your cursor back to cell A1. Press End-Home to move to the last used cell in your worksheet. Your cursor will now return to cell TX5000, even though you erased it.

How do I reduce area in Excel?

Click the chart, and click Layout tab (or Format tab). See screenshot: 2. Then go to the Current Selection group, and select Chart Area by clicking the drop down arrow.

Why is the filter in Excel greyed out?

The most common reason why the Sort and Filter icon is grayed out in Excel is because multiple sheets are selected. … Yet another reason for the Sort and Filter icon to be disabled is because the Sheet is protected. A Sheet can be unprotected by going to Review Tab and then clicking on Unprotect Sheet.

Why is freeze panes GREY?

Figure 3: The Windows option is permanently grayed out in Excel 2013 and 2016 due to changes in how windows are managed. To enable Freeze Panes again, you must unprotect the workbook: … As shown in Figure 4, a colored background behind Protect Workbook indicates that protection is active. Click the command.

Why is Excel file so large with little data?

Another reason for large file size is having many unused or hidden worksheets in your Workbook. Each Excel Worksheet has it’s own share of metadata, more importantly, however, you may be keeping sheets with similar datasets, copies or unnecessary Pivot Tables that also take up a lot of space.

How do you set a range in VBA?

To set the reference, we need to use the “SET” keyword and enter the cell addresses by using the RANGE object. Now the variable “Rng” refers to the cells A1 to B5. Instead of writing the cell address Range (“A1:B5”), we can simply use the variable name “Rng.”

What is chart area in Excel?

All charts in Excel have a chart area, which encloses all elements of the chart. The easiest way to select the chart area is to click just below the top edge of the chart. The Chart Elements menu on the Format tab of the ribbon, and the Format Task pane title will confirm the chart area is selected.

How do you set a usable area in Excel?

Limited Usable Area in a WorksheetSetting the Scroll Area property.Make sure that the Developer tab of the Ribbon is displayed. … Choose Developer➜Controls➜Properties to display the Properties window.In the Properties window, enter the range address in the ScrollArea field and press Enter. … Make sure that the workbook window is not maximized.More items…•Jul 12, 2013

How do you quickly GREY out unused cells in Excel?

How to quickly grey out all unused area in Excel?Enable the sheet in which you want to display working area only, and click View > Page Break Preview.Select a range you want to display only, and click Kutools > Show & Hide > Set Scroll Area.If you want to display all, click Kutools > Show & Hide > Unhide All Ranges.

How do I get rid of infinite columns in Excel?

Replies (1) Select the entire range and apply AutoFilter.Click an AutoFilter DropDown.Uncheck all and then check the blanks option only (So only blanks visible)If it is entire rows of blanks that you want to delete and some columns have data in them then repeat 2 and 3 for all columns of data.More items…•Feb 8, 2020

Does Excel have infinite rows?

Every worksheet in the current version of Excel has: 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns. The numbers are not infinite. These numbers are fixed and cannot be changed.

How do I GREY out rows in Excel based on formula?

Highlight Rows Where Any Cell is BlankSelect the entire dataset (A2:F17 in this example).Click the Home tab.In the Styles group, click on Conditional Formatting.Click on ‘New Rules’.In the ‘New Formatting Rule’ dialog box, click on ‘Use a formula to determine which cells to format’.More items…

How do I reset a range in Excel VBA?

Reset the used rangeSub ResetRng()’ Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+e.’ resets the used range of the activesheet.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.End Sub.Oct 14, 2003

How do I GREY out columns and rows in Excel?

(Select the row header to select the entire row.) Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow to select every row between the selected row and the bottom of the sheet. Then, choose Row from the Format menu and select Hide. Repeat this process to hide unused columns, only select the column header in the first empty column.

How do I make unused cells in Excel white?

Show / hide gridlines in Excel by changing the fill colorSelect the necessary range or the entire spreadsheet. … Go to the Font group on the HOME tab and open the Fill Color drop-down list.Choose the white color from the list to remove gridlines.Apr 23, 2014

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