How Do You AutoFill In Excel Without Dragging?

How do you apply formula to entire column in Excel without dragging?

Actually there is a Fill command on Excel Ribbon to help you apply formula to an entire column or row quickly.

Firstly enter the formula =(A1*3+8)/5 into the Cell C1 (the first cell of column where you will enter the same formula), secondly select the entire Column C, and then click Home > Fill > Down..

How do I auto populate data in Excel based on another cell?

Drop down list auto populate with VLOOKUP functionSelect a blank cell that you want to auto populate the corresponding value.Copy and paste the below formula into into it, and then press the Enter key. … From now on, when you select a name in the drop down list, E2 will be auto-populated with a specific score.

Where is the AutoFill handle in Excel?

The fill handle is the little green box at the lower right of a selected cell or selected range of cells. Note: AutoFill automatically fills in the numbers based on the pattern of the first two numbers.

How do I copy a formula down a column in sheets?

Select the cell with the formula in it, then click and hold the fill handle (tiny blue square at the bottom right corner of a cell selection) Drag the fill handle down to the bottom of the column/range that you want your formulas to copy into.

How do you AutoFill in Excel?

Click and hold the left mouse button, and drag the plus sign over the cells you want to fill. And the series is filled in for you automatically using the AutoFill feature. Or, say you have information in Excel that isn’t formatted the way you need it to be, such as this list of names.

How do I stop excel from dragging?

This task is very easy, simple and fast to do. Begin by clicking on the Office button and click on Excel Options at the bottom. Then click on the Advanced tab and deselect “Enable fill handle and cell drag and drop” option under Editing Options. Finish by clicking on OK.

How do you copy a formula down a column without changing it?

Press F2 (or double-click the cell) to enter the editing mode. Select the formula in the cell using the mouse, and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Select the destination cell, and press Ctl+V. This will paste the formula exactly, without changing the cell references, because the formula was copied as text.

How do you select a range of cells?

To select a range, select a cell, then with the left mouse button pressed, drag over the other cells. Or use the Shift + arrow keys to select the range. To select non-adjacent cells and cell ranges, hold Ctrl and select the cells.

How do I auto populate multiple rows in Excel?

Place the cursor in the bottom right corner of the cell you just typed in until you see a plus sign. With the left mouse button, press and drag the Fill Handle (plus sign) to highlight all of the cells you want filled. Release the mouse button and the cells are filled with the value typed in the first cell.

What is AutoFill in Excel with example?

What is AutoFill? Excel has a feature that helps you automatically enter data. If you are entering a predictable series (e.g. 1, 2, 3…; days of the week; hours of the day) you can use the AutoFill command to automatically extend the sequence.

How do I fix AutoFill in Excel?

In case you need to get Excel AutoFill not working, you can switch it off by doing the following: Click on File in Excel 2010-2013 or on the Office button in version 2007. Go to Options -> Advanced and untick the checkbox Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop.

How do I automatically copy and paste values in Excel?

You can use formula to copy and paste cell automatically. Please do as follows. 1. For copying and pasting cell in current sheet such as copy cell A1 to D5, you can just select the destination cell D5, then enter =A1 and press the Enter key to get the A1 value.

How do you copy an absolute cell reference formula?

To copy the formula entered using absolute references and preserve the cell references, select the cell containing the formula and copy it (Ctrl + C) and click the destination cell into which you want to paste the formula.

How do I use Vlookup to autofill cells?

Method 1: Autofill VLOOKUP Correctly by Entering Absolute Reference in FormulaStep 1: In B2, enter the formula =VLOOKUP(A2,$F$2:$H$11,3,FALSE). … Step 2: Drag fill handle down to fill other cells in B column. … Comment:More items…•Jun 24, 2020

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