Question: How Do I Change The Series In An Excel Chart?

How do you hide a series in Excel chart?

Click anywhere in your chart.

next to the chart.

On the Values tab, check or uncheck the series or categories you want to show or hide.

Click Apply..

How do you show series name in Excel chart?

Go to Layout tab, select Data Labels > Right. Right mouse click on the data label displayed on the chart. Select Format Data Labels. Under the Label Options, show the Series Name and untick the Value.

How do I create an interactive chart in Excel with a drop down list?

How to create dynamic charts linked to a drop-down list in Excel1) First start with a set of data.2) Add a new column to your data set.3) Choose a cell and create the drop-down list.4) In the new column, type the following formula:4) Now just create a chart that takes the new column as data source.Aug 3, 2018

How do I change the axis on an Excel chart?

Adjust axis tick marks and labelsClick anywhere in the chart. This displays the Chart Tools, adding the Design and Format tabs.On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click the arrow in the Chart Elements box, and then click the axis that you want to select.

How do I change the primary and secondary axis in Excel?

Add or remove a secondary axis in a chart in ExcelSelect a chart to open Chart Tools.Select Design > Change Chart Type.Select Combo > Cluster Column – Line on Secondary Axis.Select Secondary Axis for the data series you want to show.Select the drop-down arrow and choose Line.Select OK.

How do I add a series in sheets?

Learn more about types of charts.On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.Double-click the chart you want to change.At the right, click Customize. Series.Optional: Next to “Apply to,” choose the data series you want to add a label to.Click Total data labels.Optional: Make changes to the label font.

How do you reverse the order of data in Excel?

Click on Data in the toolbar and then on Sort , producing the screenshot at left. To reverse the order, click on Descending and then on OK .

How do I reverse data in Excel chart?

Luckily, Excel includes controls for quickly switching the order of axis values. To make this change, right-click and open up axis options in the Format Task pane. There, near the bottom, you’ll see a checkbox called “values in reverse order”. When I check the box, Excel reverses the plot order.

How do I change the order of data in Excel?

Sort by more than one column or rowSelect any cell in the data range.On the Data tab, in the Sort & Filter group, click Sort.In the Sort dialog box, under Column, in the Sort by box, select the first column that you want to sort.Under Sort On, select the type of sort. … Under Order, select how you want to sort.More items…

Does Excel contain more rows or columns?

Worksheet and workbook specifications and limitsFeatureMaximum limitTotal number of rows and columns on a worksheet1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columnsColumn width255 charactersRow height409 pointsPage breaks1,026 horizontal and vertical32 more rows

How do I change the Series 1 in an Excel chart?

Rename a data seriesRight-click the chart with the data series you want to rename, and click Select Data.In the Select Data Source dialog box, under Legend Entries (Series), select the data series, and click Edit.In the Series name box, type the name you want to use.More items…

How do I reorder series in Excel chart?

To reorder chart series in Excel, you need to go to Select Data dialog. 2. In the Select Data dialog, select one series in the Legend Entries (Series) list box, and click the Move up or Move down arrows to move the series to meet you need, then reorder them one by one.

How do I add a series in Excel 2020?

Click the chart to enable the Chart Tools, which include the Design and Format tabs.Click the “Design” tab, and then click “Select Data” from the Data group.Click “Add” from the “Legend Entries (Series)” section.Enter a name for the new data in the Series Name field.More items…

What is the series formula in Excel?

A data series is just a group of related data representing a row or column from the worksheet. The name of the series is displayed in the “Name box” to the left of the formula bar. … Excel uses a series formula or function to define a data series for a chart.

How do you add a series line to an Excel chart?

How to add lines between stacked columns/bars [Excel charts]Select chart.Go to tab “Design” on the ribbon.Click “Add Chart Element” button.Click “Lines”.Click “Series Lines”.Feb 19, 2019