Who Gave Pedigree Method?

How is mutation breeding done?

Mutation breeding, sometimes referred to as “variation breeding”, is the process of exposing seeds to chemicals or radiation in order to generate mutants with desirable traits to be bred with other cultivars.

Plants created using mutagenesis are sometimes called mutagenic plants or mutagenic seeds..

Is oldest method of plant selection?

Selection is the oldest crop improvement method compared to hybridization, mutation and introduction.

Why test cross is done?

Test cross is a cross between an organism with unknown genotype and a recessive parent. It is used to determine whether an individual is homozygous or heterozygous for a trait.

Who proposed backcross method?

BorlaugIn 1954, Borlaug suggested that several purelines with different resistance genes should be developed through back cross programmes using one recurrent parent. This is done by transferring disease resistance genes from several donor parents carrying different resistant genes to a single recurrent parent.

Who proposed pedigree method?

William FarrerWilliam Farrer of Australia developed many important wheat varieties during the late 19th century using a precursor of the pedigree method that featured hybridization to combine desirable characters of two cultivars (Hayes et al., 1955).

What is mass pedigree method?

Mass Pedigree method. This method consists of selection among individual plants and their progeny during inbreeding following crosses between selected donor parents. The parents are normally crossed in a single cross system. The F2 populations are subjected to selection for apparent desirable traits viz.

What is back cross method?

Backcrossing is a crossing of a hybrid with one of its parents or an individual genetically similar to its parent, in order to achieve offspring with a genetic identity which is closer to that of the parent. It is used in horticulture, animal breeding and in production of gene knockout organisms.

Which is the oldest breeding method?

Selection also called the German method is the oldest plant breeding method.It is the preservation of plants of desirable characters and then growing them. Thus the correct answer is option B.

What is pure line?

The definition of a pure line is a result of inbreeding where animals or plants have certain characteristics that are the same through generations. An example of a pure line is the result of inbreeding of a certain flower to help it fight off diseases. noun.

What is pedigree breeding in plants?

Pedigree refers to record of the ancestry of an individual selected plant. Pedigree breeding is a method of genetic improvement of self-pollinated species in which superior genotypes are selected from segregating generations and proper records of the ancestry of selected plants are maintained in each generation.

How pedigree selection is done?

Applications of pedigree method  Pedigree method is the most commonly used method for selection from segregating generations of crosses of self pollinated crops.  This method is often used to correct some specific weaknesses of an established variety.

What is pure line selection?

Pure-line selection involves selecting and breeding progeny from superior organisms for a number of generations until a pure line of organisms with only the desired characteristics has been established.

Which method is used for population improvement?

Recurrent selection is an important breeding method employed to improve the populations of crop plants particularly those of cross-pollinated species. It may be undertaken in one (intra-population improvement) or two populations (inter-population improvement) to upgrade the performance per se or combining ability.

What are the breeding methods?

Several breeding methods are available to plant breeders for germplasm improvement, such as the pedigree method, bulk method, single seed descent, backcross method, and recurrent selection.

Who is father of plant breeding?

In the mid-1800s Gregor Mendel outlined the principles of heredity using pea plants and thus provided the necessary framework for scientific plant breeding.

Why is back cross done?

Backcross, the mating of a hybrid organism (offspring of genetically unlike parents) with one of its parents or with an organism genetically similar to the parent. The backcross is useful in genetics studies for isolating (separating out) certain characteristics in a related group of animals or plants.

What does pedigree mean?

register recording a line of ancestors1 : a register recording a line of ancestors The pedigree traces the family back to the 18th century. 2a : an ancestral line : lineage That horse has an impressive pedigree. b : the origin and the history of something Democracy’s pedigree stretches back to ancient Greece.

Who proposed bulk method?

Nilsson EhleThis method is also termed as mass or population method or evolutionary method of crop improvement. The concept of bulk breeding method was developed by Nilsson Ehle in 1908. Main features of this method are presented below: 1.

Which is the oldest test technique?

Visual testingVisual testing is the oldest and most common technique in the non-destructive testing field.

What is pedigree record?

a zootechnical document that contains information on the origin, breed, growth and development, productivity, and other qualities of pedigree animals. Pedigree records are maintained in order to standardize the data needed to appraise pedigree animals and determine their use.

Which method is used for development of Oligogenic trait?

Because oligogenic characteristics are governed by a few genes with large effects, the OTMM is the most appropriate method for OTL analysis for these characteristics.